Best Pet Temperature Monitor For RV and Vanlife

Being able to travel in your campervan or RV with your pet is incredible and comes with many benefits – like added security, companionship, and it’s definitely far less expensive than staying in pet-friendly hotels. But what happens when you have to leave your pet alone for short periods of time to run errands?

It’s inevitable that at some points you will have to go grocery shopping, stop at a laundromat, find a place to shower, etc. Your pets are typically not allowed in these places. This is why it’s so important to have a pet temperature monitor for your RV or van which can alert you to temperature changes that become too hot or too cold for your pets.

The best RV temperature monitor for pets is Waggle.

Best Pet Temperature Monitor For RV and Van Life

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What is Waggle pet monitor?

Waggle pet monitor is a campervan and RV temperature monitor system that tracks temperature, humidity and power loss. Alerts are sent to your phone in real-time when one of these risk events happens.

How Does Waggle Pet Monitor Work?

The Waggle pet monitoring system works by communicating over the Verizon cellular network. Don’t worry – it doesn’t matter which cell provider you have, the Waggle system works regardless. An app on your phone connects to the Waggle pet temperature monitor installed in your van or RV.

Once the pet temperature monitor system detects the temperature or humidity is out of your safe range, or if it detects a power or service outage, it immediately sends an alert to your phone.

If you need to check-in on the temperature you can open your app to see real-time temperature, humidity and heat index inside your van or RV.

Pet Temperature Monitor
Temperature log on Waggle

If the temperature range exceeds the safe range then an alert is immediately sent to your phone, letting you know which risk event happened – temperature, humidity or power loss.

If you have the Waggle Pro you can also configure alerts for geo-fencing. Once enabled, you determine a radius of .5 miles to 10 miles. If your RV or van moves outside of that range you’ll receive an alert on your phone!

Pet Temperature Monitor
Alerts are immediately sent to your phone when risk events happen

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Subscription

The Waggle pet monitor comes in two models: Waggle Pro and Waggle Lite.

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Lite

Waggle Pet Monitor Lite comes with pet temperature monitoring, power loss monitoring, heat and humidity index reporting and a rechargeable battery.

It does not include GPS tracking, geofencing or a digital display.

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Pro

Waggle Pet Monitor Pro comes with everything the Lite version comes with (temperature and power loss monitoring, heat and humidity index report and a rechargeable battery).

In addition, it also includes GPS tracking, geofence alerts and a digital display.

Pet Temperature Monitor

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Price

The subscription cost for a Waggle pet temperature monitor ranges from $14/month to $29/month, depending on how far in advance you prepay.

For month-to-month billing the plan costs $29/month. If you pay for two years in advance then the cost works out to be $14 per month – but fully paid up front.

Other payment terms offered are prepaid for 6 months, $25 a month, and prepaid for one year, which works out to be $21 a month.

Pet temperature monitor

Note: Waggle subscriptions cannot be paused, so only prepay if you’ll need to use your pet temperature monitor for consecutive months.

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Review

I am traveling with my dog and the Waggle Pro pet temperature monitor this summer. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my dog is safe while I run quick errands.

For example, I needed to shower and the only times available were during the heat of the day. I took all my typical precautions to keep the van cool and then left my dog and headed into shower. It gave me so much peace of mind knowing I could constantly check the temperature in the van from my phone app and get back to my dog in seconds if anything went wrong. Without having a pet temperature monitor I would not take risks like these, so my ability to run errands would be extremely limited.

Installing A Pet Temperature Monitor

Installation was quick and easy. It took me about 5 minutes to stick the device to the wall of my van, plug the device into charge (a USB charger and wall plug is provided) and download the Waggle app on my phone.

Waggle has a built-in battery, so no hard wiring to your electrical system is needed! It can be charged with a USB or 120V household outlet. In my experience, the battery life is not fantastic. In areas where my cell signal is low, and the battery is working harder, I have to recharge every 1-3 days. For this reason, I relocated my waggle so that it’s close enough to my wall plug that I can leave it permanently plugged in.

To get alerts on your phone just download their app, scan the QR code on your device and activate! Within the app you’re able to choose which types of alerts you want to receive and the frequency of reminder notifications. The entire process took only minutes to complete.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor


✅ Easy to install
✅ No wifi connection needed
✅ Real-time hot & cold temperature alerts on your phone
✅ Humidity and power monitoring included
✅ Rechargeable battery
✅ Monthly billing available


❌ Expensive upfront cost
❌ Reliant on cellular service
❌ Subscription required
❌ Short battery life (1-4 days)

Pet Temperature Monitor Conclusion

If you plan to travel with your pets a pet temperature monitor is a necessity. You only need to be alerted about a risk event once to see the value in a pet temperature monitoring device.

Best Pet Temperature Monitor For RV and Van Life

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Written by Claire Fleming

I’m a travel enthusiast who spends half the year in my self-built camper van with my dog, Oscar, and the other half at my home in Raleigh, North Carolina or on international adventures.

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