Mercedes Sprinter Van Dimensions

If you’re looking to buy a Mercedes Sprinter van for van life then you’ll want to consider the van dimensions. Based on what you plan to build in your van, some vans will be better suited than others.

Sprinter Van Sizes

Let’s start with some basics. The Mercedes Sprinter Van comes in multiple configurations, which will impact the dimensions. 

There are 3 wheelbases (space between axles) to choose from: 144 inch, 170 inch, and 170 inch extended. While the widths are the same for all of these model variations, the length will change.

The second variation in models is the roof height. Mercedes sprinter vans come in two roof heights: standard roof and high roof. Roof height won’t impact width or length, but it will obviously change the height dimensions.

Sprinter Van Height

Lastly, sprinter vans come in three base models: cargo, crew and passenger. While the cab is similar in all three model variations, the back of the van will change.

How Long Are Sprinter Vans?

A cargo van is bare sheet metal in the rear with no additional windows. These are the least expensive sprinter vans to buy and tend to come with the highest payload – which is good, if you’re looking for a van you can build out. A cargo van is essentially a blank canvas for a van build.

A crew van typically has windows pre-installed behind the driver’s seat and in the slider door, as well as a second row of seats in the back. Crew vans are more expensive than cargo vans, but less expensive than passenger vans. 

A passenger van has windows down the length of the vehicle with seats installed through the back, and usually is fully ducted for AC/heat and has a finished interior on the floor, walls and ceiling. These are the most expensive vans, typically around $10,000 more than their comparable crew or cargo vans. They don’t make the best vans for a DIY build. 

However, the one benefit to a passenger van is that it’s easier to finance as a personal vehicle. Cargo and crew vans can be tricky to get financing for if you don’t have a registered business for the loan approval. Essentially, passenger vans are classified as personal vehicles so you can obtain a personal loan. Unfortunately, most crew and cargo vans are classified as commercial vehicles so a commercial (business) loan is needed.

While the base model does not impact the van’s dimensions, it will impact the number of windows, price, and features within the van. Additionally, crew and passenger vans are not available in the 170” extended wheelbase.

Sprinter Cargo Van Interior Dimensions

Sprinter vans interior dimensions will only vary with differences in wheelbase and roof height. All sprinter cargo vans measure 53.1 inches (4.4 feet) wide at the wheel wells and 70.4 inches (5.9 feet) at the beltline.

Height will vary based on model.
Standard roof height: 67.7 inches (5.6 feet)
High roof height: 79.1 inches (6.6 feet)

Length will also vary based on model.
144” wheelbase: 132.9 inches (11.1 feet)
170” wheelbase: 173.6 inches (14.5 feet)
170” extended wheelbase: 189.4 inches (15.8 feet)

Sprinter vans are the narrowest vans, compared to the Ford Transit and the Ram Promaster. Ram Promaster is 75.6 inches wide and Ford Transit measures 75 inches wide.

Sprinter Van Cargo Dimensions

Sprinter Van Cargo Dimensions – Exterior

Did you know that the Sprinter van has gone through several evolutions? The first generation Sprinter was sold from 1995-2006. The second generation was sold from 2006-2018.

We’re currently on the third generation of sprinter vans (2018-present). For the purposes of this article, I’m focusing on the external Mercedes Sprinter van measurements for the third generation models.

How Wide Are Sprinter Vans? / Sprinter Van Width

All models of the sprinter van are 79.5 inches (6.6 feet) wide, without mirrors. Regardless of the wheelbase, roof height or length the sprinter van width does not change.

How Long Are Sprinter Vans? / Mercedes Sprinter Van Length

Mercedes sprinter van length will change based on the wheelbase model.

144” wheelbase: 233.5 inches (19.5 feet)
170” wheelbase: 274.3 inches (22.9 feet)
170” extended wheelbase: 290 inches (24.2 feet)

Sprinter Van Sizes

Sprinter Van Height

Sprinter vans come in two roof height options: standard and high.

Standard roof: 96.3 inches (8 feet)
High roof: 107 inches (8.9 feet)

What Are The Dimensions Of A Mercedes Sprinter Van?

The dimensions of a Mercedes Sprinter van vary based on model.

Exterior Width

All models are 79.5 inches (6.6 feet) wide.

Exterior Height

Standard roof: 96.3 inches (8 feet) tall
High roof: 107 inches (8.9 feet) tall

Exterior Length

144” wheelbase: 233.5 inches (19.5 feet) long
170” wheelbase: 274.3 inches (22.9 feet) long
170” extended wheelbase: 290 inches (24.2 feet) long

How Big Is The 144 Roof Sprinter?

Sprinter vans come in 144” wheelbase models with two roof height options: standard and high.

All 144” wheelbase sprinters are 233.5 inches (19.5 feet) long and 79.5 inches (6.6 feet) wide.

The only variation in 144” wheelbase Mercedes sprinter dimensions based on model is in the height. A standard roof is 96.3 inches (8 feet) tall and the high roof model is 107 inches (8.9 feet) tall.

How Big Is The Cargo Space On A Mercedes Sprinter?

The cargo space in a Mercedes sprinter van will vary with the different wheelbase models. The longer the wheelbase, the more interior length the van will have. However, the width of a sprinter van does not change depending on the model variations.

144” wheelbase: 132.9 inches (11.1 feet) or a volume of 317.8 (ft³)
170” wheelbase: 173.6 inches (14.5 feet) or a volume of 487.3 (ft³)
170” extended wheelbase: 189.4 inches (15.8 feet) or a volume of 533.3 (ft³)

How Long Is The 144 Sprinter Van?

The 144 sprinter van exterior measures 233.5 inches (19.5 feet) long and the interior cargo space measures 132.9 inches (11.1 feet) long.

Can A Mercedes Sprinter Van Fit In A Garage?

The standard garage door is 7 to 8 feet tall. The lowest roof sprinter van (standard roof height) is 96.3 inches (8.025 feet) and will not fit into a garage with a standard door.

For reference, the low roof Ford Transit is just under 7 feet and will fit through a standard garage door. Both the low and high roof Ram ProMasters will fit through a standard garage door.

144″ or 170″ Sprinter, which is best for van life?

The answer to this will depend on how you plan to use each vehicle. Of course, the 170” sprinter dimensions are longer and will accommodate more space to build. The 144” sprinter is smaller but will also be easier to maneuver, especially in cities.

Keep in mind that the 170” sprinter is long enough that it may not fit in most standard parking spaces.

Can you stand in a Sprinter Van?

You can stand in a sprinter van with a high roof. The standard roof height on a sprinter will be too short for most adults. 

Standard roof height: 67.7 inches (5.6 feet) tall
High roof height: 79.1 inches (6.6 feet) tall

What is the smallest Sprinter van?

The smallest sprinter van in length is the 144” wheelbase model. The smallest sprinter van in height is the standard size roof height.

Overall, the smallest sprinter van available is the 144” wheelbase with a standard roof.

What is the biggest Sprinter van?

The biggest sprinter van is the 170” extended wheelbase with a high roof. The interior cargo space for this model is 189.4 inches (15.8 feet) long, 70.4 inches (5.9 feet) wide and 79.1 inches (6.6 feet) tall for a total cargo volume of 533.3 (ft³).

The exterior dimensions are 290 inches (24.2 feet) long, 79.5 inches (6.6 feet) wide and 107 inches (8.9 feet) tall.

How much does insulation reduce a Sprinter van ceiling height?

Insulation will reduce a sprinter van ceiling height by 1-2 inches, depending on the type of insulation material used and the way the insulation is installed.

Also consider that floor insulation will decrease the overall height clearance as well. Floor insulation can decrease total interior height by another 1-2 inches.

Can you fit a queen-sized mattress in a sprinter van?

Yes, you can fit a queen-sized mattress in a sprinter van. In order to fit, the mattress must be installed front to back (meaning you sleep with your body parallel with the sides of the van).

It is also possible to sleep side-to-side in a van with a queen mattress, but you’ll need to shorten it slightly. 

A standard queen mattress is 60” wide and 80” long. If you place your mattress side-to-side the mattress length (80”) will be longer than the width of the van 70.4 inches (5.9 feet) at mid-height (only 53.1 inches (4.4 feet) wide at the floor). You can buy a custom queen mattress, or you can DIY your own van mattress so that it’ll fit the width of the van.

The Best Custom Campervan Mattress

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Semi-Custom Pre-Cut Van Mattress

The best custom mattress for van life is a pre-cut mattress from RoamRest. There are 11 sizes specific to campervans you can choose from – allowing for a custom mattress on a budget.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Dimensions

The interior and exterior dimensions of a sprinter van can vary based on wheelbase and roof height. Overall, the Mercedes Sprinter van is a very spacious van for van life.

When compared to the Ford Transit, the Sprinter van is comparable. However, the 170” extended Sprinter model is longer than the longest Ford Transit wheelbase (144” extended). The Sprinter van is also slightly narrower than the Transit.

Comparing the Sprinter van to a Ram ProMaster you’ll find the Sprinter van is taller, and comes in longer options. The Ram ProMaster is the widest van on the market, and the Sprinter van is about half a foot narrower.

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