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Ford Transit vans are a popular choice for van life. One of the key considerations when choosing a van is its size and dimensions, which can impact its carrying capacity, maneuverability, and overall functionality. Ford Transit dimensions vary based on model and have many options available. With its reputation for reliability and versatility, the Ford Transit van remains a top choice for van life.

In this article, I will explore the various dimensions of Ford Transit vans, including length, height, width, and cargo space, and discuss some common questions like whether a Ford Transit can fit in a garage, or if a mattress will fit in a Ford Transit van.

What Are The Internal Dimensions Of A Ford Transit Van?

The Ford Transit is available in three body lengths: 148” regular wheelbase, 170” wheelbase and 170” extended wheelbase.

The 148” wheelbase Ford Transit has an interior length of 116 inches (or 9 ft 8 inches) and a width of 70” (or 5’ 10”).

The 170” wheelbase has an interior length of 137 ½” (or 11’ 5 ½”) and a width of 70” (or 5’ 10”).

The 170” extended wheelbase has an interior length of 166” (13’ 10”) and a width of 70” (or 5’ 10”).

How Big Is The Cargo Space In A Ford Transit?

Ford Transits have an interior width of 70″.

The interior length of a Ford Transit is 116″, 137 ½” and 166″ respectively, based on wheelbase (148″, 170″ and 170″ extended).

How Tall Is A Ford Transit?

In addition to coming in several length options, the Ford Transit also comes with three roof height choices: low, medium, and high.

The low roof Ford Transit has an external height of 98 inches (8 ft 2 inches) and an internal height of 74 ¼” (8’ 2 ¼”).

Ford Transits medium roof van has an external height of 105” (8’ 9”) and an internal height of 83 ½” (6′ 11 ½”).

High roof Ford Transits have an external height of 110” (9’ 2”) and an internal height of 83 ½” (6’ 11 ½”).

How Long Is The Cargo Space In A Ford Transit Van?

The Ford Transit van ranges from 18 to 22 feet long, depending on the wheelbase.

A standard 148” wheelbase Ford Transit is 18 feet long. 

170” wheelbase Ford Transit vans are 20 feet long.

Extended 170” wheelbase Ford Transits are 22 feet long.

The only camper van longer than the longest Ford Transit is the 170″ extended Mercedes Sprinter van.

Can You Fit A Mattress In A Ford Transit?

Yes, you can fit a twin, full or queen mattress in a Ford Transit. These mattresses will fit if the mattress is placed lengthwise (head to toe goes in the same direction as the van front to back).

Because the interior width of a Ford Transit van is 70 inches, you can not get a whole mattress in from side to side (head to toe going from passenger to driver side) as mattresses are either 75” or 80” in length. However, if you’re willing to trim the mattress a few inches it will fit (which is what I’ve done).

Additionally, in the back of the Ford Transit 170” extended wheelbase approximately 30” up from the floor there’s a bump out that widens the van to 75” for about 4 feet.

As I’m 70” tall the extra 5” from that cutout is a game changer for me, so my mattress has a very custom shape to take advantage of every extra inch I could get.

I fit a queen mattress in a ford transit

The Ram ProMaster is the widest van on the market and is slightly wider than the Ford Transit, measuring 75.6 inches at its widest point.

What is the Ford Transit width between the wheel arches?

The interior width of the Ford Transit is 70” but that does not take into account the wheel arches in the back which protrude into the vans interior space. The distance between the wheel arches on the Ford Transit is 54 ½”.

Can A Ford Transit Van Fit In A Garage?

Only the low roof Ford Transit will fit in a standard garage.

The standard garage door is 7 to 8 feet tall. The low roof Ford Transit is just under 7 feet and will fit through a standard garage door.

The medium roof Ford Transit is just over 8 feet tall and will not fit through a standard garage door.

You’ll also want to consider whether you’ve added a roof rack of any additional height to your vehicle.

Lastly, consider the length of your garage. Ford Transits range from 18-22 feet in length, so you’ll need at least that much clearance in your garage.

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