Ram ProMaster Dimensions

When I was deciding which van to buy for my DIY camper van build, I researched the Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. Each one has it’s pros and cons, and ultimately I chose the Ford Transit – but the Ram ProMaster Dimensions for width (being the widest van on the market) really caught my eye because it allows you to sleep sideways and save space on your van layout.

When it comes to choosing the right vehicle for van life, finding the perfect balance between space, maneuverability, and reliability is crucial. Enter the RAM ProMaster, one of the most popular vans in the van life community.

The Ram ProMaster dimensions vary based on model. There are several configurations for this van, and the 2500 high roof is the most popular for van life.

In this article, I outline the interior and exterior dimensions of the Ram ProMaster that are important to consider when planning a van build.

This article includes:

  • Ram ProMaster Exterior Dimensions
  • Ram ProMaster Interior Dimensions
  • Ram ProMaster Height (with updates for 2023 models)
  • Ram ProMaster Length
  • Ram ProMaster Sizes Chart
Ram ProMaster Dimensions

Ram ProMaster Sizes

There are several different size options for the Ram ProMaster van which impact the overall dimensions. Models will vary based on the wheelbase and the roof height.

In general, Ram ProMaster is the widest van on the market, compared to the Ford Transit dimensions and the Mercedes Sprinter van dimensions. The Ram ProMaster is also known for having a boxier interior, which makes it easier to frame for a van conversion.

Ram ProMaster Wheelbase Options

The Ram ProMaster is available in 118”, 136”, 159” and 159” extended wheelbase.

RAM ProMaster available options for Best Van for Van Life

Ram ProMaster Height Options

The Ram ProMaster comes in three height options: low roof, high roof and super high roof. The super high roof option debuted with the 2023 model, so if you’re buying an older used model this height may not be an option.

The high roof option is the most popular Ram ProMaster for van life, as it allows most people to stand up fully inside the van. However, I expect that the super high roof will become more and more popular now that it’s available on newer models. Having more interior height means you can add more van insulation and still have head clearance.

Below are two charts which show the Ram ProMaster interior dimensions, as well as the exterior dimensions, in feet.

Ram ProMaster Sizes In Feet

ExteriorLengthWidthLow RoofHigh RoofSuper High Roof
118″16 ft 3 in6 ft 8 in7 ft 9 in
136″17 ft 9 in6 ft 8 in7 ft 9 in8 ft 8 in
159″19 ft 8 in6 ft 8 in8 ft 8 in
159″ Ext20 ft 11 in6 ft 8 in8 ft 8 in9 ft 6 in
Ram ProMaster Dimensions – Exterior

InteriorLengthWidthLow RoofHigh RoofSuper High Roof
118″8 ft 9 in6 ft 3 in5 ft 5 in
136″10 ft 3 in6 ft 3 in5 ft 5 in6 ft 4 in
159″12 ft 2 in6 ft 3 in6 ft 4 in
159″ Ext13 ft 4 in6 ft 3 in6 ft 4 in7 ft 2 in
Ram ProMaster Interior Dimensions

Ram ProMaster Height

Ram ProMaster height dimensions – Interior

The interior height dimensions of your Ram ProMaster will also vary depending on which model you get. The shortest height option (low roof) has an interior height of 5 ft 5 in (65.4 in, 166.1 cm).

Until 2023, the only other model available was the high roof. The ProMaster high roof height is 6 ft 4 in (76.0 in, 193.0 cm) interior.

Beginning with 2023 models, there is also a super high roof model. The ProMaster super high roof height is 7 ft 2 in (86 in, 218.4 cm) interior.

Low roof = 5 ft 5 in
High roof = 6 ft 4 in
Super high roof = 7 ft 2 in

Ram ProMaster exterior height dimensions

The Ram ProMaster height for the low roof model is 7 ft 9 in (93 in, 236.2 cm). The high roof Ram ProMaster height is 8 ft 8 in (103.60 in, 263.1 cm), while the super high roof Ram ProMaster height measures 9 ft 6 in (113.60 in, 288.5 cm).

Low roof = 7 ft 9 in
High roof = 8 ft 8 in
Super high roof = 9 ft 6 in

Ram ProMaster Sizes

Ram ProMaster Length

Ram ProMaster interior dimensions – Length

The Ram ProMaster interior length varies with the different wheelbase options. The 118” wheelbase has an interior cargo length of 8 ft 9 in (105.1 in, 267.0 cm). The 136” wheelbase comes with an interior cargo space of 10 ft 3 in (122.8 in, 311.9 cm). The 159” wheelbase has 12 ft 2 in (145.9 in, 370.6 cm) of interior cargo length, and the 159” extended wheelbase measures 13 ft 4 in (160.3 in, 407.2 cm).

118” WB = 8 ft 9 in
136” WB = 10 ft 3 in
159” WB = 12 ft 2 in
159” Ext WB = 13 ft 4 in

Ram ProMaster length – Exterior dimensions

The 118” wheelbase van has an exterior length of 16 ft 4 in (195.40”, 496.3 cm), while the 136” wheelbase measures 17 ft 9 in (213.20”, 541.5 cm) long, the 159” wheelbase measures 19 ft 8 in (236.20”, 599.9 cm) long, and the 159” extended wheelbase measures 20 ft 11 in (250.60”, 636.5 cm) long.

118” WB = 16 ft 4 in
136” WB = 17 ft 9 in
159” WB = 19 ft 8 in
159” Ext WB = 20 ft 11 in

Ram ProMaster Width Dimensions

Ram ProMaster interior dimensions – Width

All Ram ProMaster configurations have the same interior dimensions for width. The interior dimensions of a Ram ProMaster are 6 ft 4 in (75.6 in, 192.0 cm) at its widest point (the majority of the interior space) and 4 ft 8 in (55.8 in, 141.7 cm) wide at its narrowest point (near the backdoor loading area).

Ram ProMaster dimensions – exterior width

All variations of the Ram ProMaster have an exterior width of 6 ft 8 in (80.30 in, 204.0 cm).

Ram ProMaster Dimensions

FAQs: Ram ProMaster Dimensions

What are the inside dimensions of a ProMaster van?

The inside dimensions of a ProMaster van are 6 ft 4 in wide, 8 ft 9 in to 13 ft 4 in long and 5 ft 5 in up to 7 ft 2 in tall, depending on wheelbase and roof height model configurations.

What are the outside dimensions of a ProMaster van?

Ram ProMaster exterior dimensions vary depending on the wheelbase and height configuration. Ram ProMaster length is between 16 ft 4 in and 20 ft 11 in. Ram ProMaster height is 7 ft 9 in, 8 ft 8 in or 9 ft 6 in. All ProMasters are 6 ft 8 in wide.

Will a ProMaster van fit in a garage?

A standard garage door is 7 feet tall, or 84 inches. Both the low and high roof ProMasters will fit through a standard garage door. A super high roof ProMaster will not fit into a standard size garage.

Which is better: Ford Transit vs Dodge ProMaster?

Depending on which criteria you’re evaluating, Ford Transit may be a better vehicle than the Dodge ProMaster:

Maintenance: The Ford Transit is known for having better reliability than the ProMaster. The ProMaster is known for having issues with its transmission, even before 20,000 miles.

Comfort: In general, neither vehicle is exceptionally comfortable to drive, but the Ford Transit has gotten better reviews for comfort, especially when driving long distances.

Purchase price: The Ford Transit is the more expensive vehicle to purchase. The ProMaster is cheaper upfront, but tends to cost more over its lifetime (due to more frequent maintenance needs).

Build ease: With its boxier interior, the ProMaster is easier to build out than the Transit. Additionally, the ProMaster sits closer to the ground – a bad thing for ground clearance when off roading but a good thing for entering and exiting the cargo space frequently.

How many feet long is a ProMaster 2500?

The Ram ProMaster 2500 comes in two length options: 136” wheelbase and 159” wheelbase. Respectively, these models are 17 ¾ feet long and 19 ¾ feet long.

What are the exact dimensions of a Ram ProMaster for a van conversion?

The best Ram ProMaster for a van conversion is the 2500 159″ wheelbase with a high roof. Its exterior measures 236.2″ (19.68 feet, 599.9 cm) long, 80.3″ (6.69 feet, 204.0 cm) wide, and 103.6″ (8.63 feet, 263.1 cm) high. Its interior measures 149.9″ (12.49 feet, 380.7 cm) long, 75.6″ (6.30 feet, 192.0 cm) wide, and 76″ (6.33 feet, 193.0 cm) high.

How does the Ram ProMaster compare to other vans for DIY conversions?

Compared to other vans for DIY conversions the Ram ProMaster is the least expensive vehicle to purchase. It’s also the least reliable in terms of maintenance, with several known problems related to the transmission.

The Ram ProMaster compares to the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter as the widest interior, which is great for fixed bed layouts and optimizing space. It’s also the lowest to the ground, which makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier.

Can you stand up inside a Ram ProMaster?

Yes, you can stand up in a Ram ProMaster. The lowest roof option is 5.45 feet of clearance. The high and super high roofs offer 6.33 feet and 7.17 feet of interior clearance.

Ram ProMaster Dimensions

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Conclusion: Ram ProMaster Dimensions

The Ram ProMaster sets a new standard for commercial vans with its exceptional dimensions and unmatched versatility. Its spacious cargo capacity and adaptable interior layout make it a top choice for van life. The ProMaster offers the perfect blend of space, functionality, and reliability to meet your unique van life requirements.

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