7 Ideas for Bunk Beds In A Camper Van

If you’re building a camper van, the idea of bunk beds is an appealing one. Not only does it provide a comfortable sleeping arrangement for multiple people, but it can also save valuable space in a compact living area for other things, like a shower in your van, or a van toilet.

Bunk beds come in different designs and styles to suit the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Some are DIY and others can be bought online.

Whether you’re a family looking for an efficient sleeping solution or a solo adventurer seeking more space for guests, a bunk bed in your van may be the perfect addition to your home on wheels.

Can You Fit A Bunk Bed In A Van?

Sure can! There are several ways to fit a bunk bed in a van. Some van builds include built-in bunk beds, while others rely on hammocks and cabin bunk beds to create additional sleeping space without permanent setup.

Folding Murphy Bunk Beds In A Van

A murphy bed is a great space saving idea for a van – just throw your bed up each morning, you don’t even need to make it!

Murphy bunk beds in a van are a great idea if you’ll only have occasional guests and you don’t want to commit permanent space to a bunk bed in your van.

If you’re not super handy, or you’re short on time there are some good store-bought options, like this Urban Stack Murphy Bunk Bed. With a little tweaking you can install this against a van wall for quick additional sleeping space for guests.

murphy bunk beds in a van

Another option with less frills is the Liftco rail kit. This has a much slimmer profile and is less expensive but you’ll have to provide your own mattresses.

Liftco Independent Folding Bunk Bed with Rail Kit

Floating Bunk Beds In A Van

Another popular option for bunk beds in a van are floating beds. These are much easier to install, but may be slightly less stable than other van bunk bed options. If you have kids, or a lighter weight adult, these would be ideal.

Be cautious of weight maximum’s though, because the stability of a hanging bunk bed in a van just isn’t as strong as a built-in bed.

floating pull-down bunk beds in van
credit: sportsmobile.com

Sportsmobile has a great bunk bed setup with two twin beds stacked on top of each other against the drivers side wall of the van. This is a great van layout if you need additional floor space during the day.

Personally, I think having more floor space while traveling with a dog would be really nice.

two floating bunk beds in van
credit: undercoverhippybuscom.wordpress.com

Another option for floating bunk beds in a van is to hang your top bunk above your fixed bottom bunk. Undercoverhippybus is able to sleep 4 people this way! It’s a double bunk bed which is a genius use of this space.

You sacrifice upper cabinet storage space in order to have these two top floating bunks, but it’s definitely worth it if you need the additional sleeping space.

Custom Campervan Mattresses

Need a custom mattress for your campervan bunk bed? RoamRest offers fully customizable mattresses for van life. Check out their fully custom options.

Or save time and money by purchasing one of their 11 pre-made mattress sizes specifically designed to fit your van.

Hammock Bunk Beds In Van

Hammock bunk beds in a van are a great cost effective way to add additional sleeping space in your van. They’re also removable during the day to create more living space. The primary limitations to hammock bunk beds are their weight capacity limitations and if they’re installed side-to-side they won’t work well for taller people.

There are two hammock bunk bed options available to buy online: Campervan hammock and Cabbunk campervan hammock.

You can purchase a Campervan Hammock for around $250. It can hold up to 150 lbs of weight and is made the the USA. It’s a 30×60″ mesh hammock that can attach to your van walls in a number of ways, but you’ll need to plan ahead for mounting points if you plan to hold a significant amount of weight. Best of all, when you’re not using this hammock it packs down really small so you won’t lose a ton of storage space.

hammock bunk bed in van
credit: overlandgearguy.com
floating hammock bunk bed in van
credit: overlandgearguy.com

Cabbunk hammocks are specifically built for the cabin of your van. In order to use this you’ll need both front seats on a swivel – which is an added expense to your build.

credit: nomadicsupply.com

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The Cabbunk system is a fantastic option if you plan to have occasional guests and don’t want to have a permanent bunk bed taking up precious space in your camper. They’re available to purchase as a single or double bed and can be purchased for under $600.

cabbunk double bed in van cabin
credit: nomadicsupply.com

The Cabbunk can be set up in just 25 seconds, doesn’t require any permanent installation and is fully adjustable. It can support up to 150 lbs and packs down into a small package that’s easy to store.

Portable Bunk Beds In Van

If you’re looking for an easy portable option for bunk beds in a van check out Disc-O-Bed. The versatility of this bed system is incredible- it can be set up as a bunk bed, two cots, or even a couch! And when you’re done it folds away with minimal storage space needed.

discobunk bunk beds

What I like most about this bunk bed is how functional it is for more than just a van. You could use this camping in a tent or as an upgrade from couch surfing while visiting family for the holidays!

And you’ll be the “cool house” at your next van gathering with the couch setup around the fire ring.

The primary downside to this bunk bed is that most van’s do not have a plethora of open floor space for such a thing to be constructed. Double check that this will fit your van layout prior to buying!

Convertible Second Row Passenger Seat To Bunk Bed For A Van

The camper van market is constantly evolving with new innovative ideas. Affinity has created an impressive second row passenger seat that doubles as a bunk bed at night.

affinity rv bunk beds in van
credit: affinity-rv.eu
affinity camper van bunk beds
credit: affinity-rv.eu

Built-In DIY Van Bunk Beds

Another option for bunk beds in a van is to go completely DIY. DIY van bunk beds will allow you to completely customize the design to your van layout, but it may take a little longer to get the job done than if you’d just purchased something online.

built in bunk beds in van
credit: Instagram @rambleandrevive

Rambleandrevive can sleep up to 4 people in their van with these DIY van bunk beds mid-ship. This permanent install is great if you’re traveling full time with kids.

twin bunk beds in back of van
credit: harbourcreek.co.uk

Harbour Creek has installed bunk beds in the back of their van. These bunks run side to side so they’re limited in how tall a person they’ll comfortably sleep, but they take up far less space than something installed front to back.

This van also has an elevator bed (discussed further on) that you can see in its upright position at the top of the cab.

DIY built in bunk beds in a van
Credit: motor1.com

Motor1 figured out how to fit THREE bunk beds in their van. Additionally, they installed piping as a guard rail for added security.

I like the added storage space with the hanging basket at the foot of each bunk. After all, if you’re traveling with 5+ people in a camper van you’re going to need all the storage you can get.

triple bunk beds in a van
credit: motor1.com
privacy curtains for bunk beds in van
credit: overlandforgood.com

Overlandforgood had a great idea of installing privacy curtains on their built in DIY bunk beds in a van. This is especially handy if you have anyone who goes early to bed or who likes to stay up late reading.

built-in bunk beds in van
credit: vanlifetrader.com

This Ford Transit fits two full-size beds! Plus, it has additional storage space under the bottom bunk. By sleeping front-to-back (instead of side-to-side) this camper van bunk bed also has some storage space along each side of the bed. Added reading lights on each bunk is a nice addition.

interior view of built in bunk beds in back of a camper van
credit: vanlifetrader.com
built in double bunk bed in van
credit: Instagram @theoffroadcamper

Think you can’t fit TWO bunk beds in a van? Think Again. Theoffroadcamper figured out a layout for 4+ people with two bunk beds side-to-side in the back of the van and two bunk beds front-to-back along the side of their camper van. And they still found space for a 12V refrigerator!

back bunk beds in van
credit: Instagram @theoffroadcamper

Elevator Bunk Beds For A Van

The elevator bed brings bunk beds in a van to an entirely new level. Drop the upper bunk down at night for a cozy sleep setup, and rise it back up in the morning for more living space.

Happijac is the manufacturer of the elevator components.

In my opinion, one of the best things about the happijac elevator bed is that you don’t need to make your bed every day!

happijac elevator bunk bed in van
credit: freedomvans.co
elevator bunk bed in van
credit: harbourcreek.co.uk
happijac elevator bunk bed in van
credit: Instagram @benzson_the_van
happijac elevator bunk bed in van positioned down
credit: Instagram @benzson_the_van

Looking For A Custom Campervan Mattress?

camper bed mattress

Semi-Custom Pre-Cut Van Mattress

The best custom mattress for van life is a pre-cut mattress from RoamRest. There are 11 sizes specific to campervans you can choose from – allowing for a custom mattress on a budget.

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Conclusion On Bunk Beds In Vans

A bunk bed in a van is a great way to save space in your van build. You can install a permanent bunk bed or you can use temporary setup ideas, like a hammock, to create additional sleeping space for guests.

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Written by Claire Fleming

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