The Best Van Sinks For Any Budget

Including a sink in your camper van build is a basic must-have for any van conversion. It’s not a question of whether or not you need a sink in your van, but which type of sink is best for van life.

In this article I’ll share some of the best van life sink ideas I’ve seen, including my own sink, and discuss what to consider when picking the right camper van sink for your build.

Want to skip to the best van sink recommendation? Overall, Ruvati is the best camper van sink – it’s well made, deep, and doesn’t take up too much countertop space in your van build.

Best Overall Van Sink – Ruvati

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Van Life Sink Ideas

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to a van life sink. Depending on your style, travel plans, layout and available space you’ll find the perfect sink for your conversion. Here are a few ideas for van life sinks:

Campervan Sink Ideas

1. Combo sink and stove

A great space saver, the combo van sink and stove allows you to utilize additional countertop space when the sink or stove are not in use.

Traditionally, these have been very popular in boats and RV kitchens. The primary downsides to the combo sink and stove are that it requires a propane hookup and that they are fairly expensive to purchase. However, if you’re counting the purchase as two appliances – a van sink and a stove – then they’re not quite as outrageously pricy.

Campervan Sink Ideas

2. Workstation Sink

A workstation sink is a type of van sink that has built-in features designed to enhance its functionality and efficiency. These sinks typically have a larger work surface and additional accessories that allow for various tasks to be completed in one place.

It’s common for workstation sinks to include a built-in removable cutting board that fits over the sink to extend the countertop space. Some even come with a colander or strainer, like this Ruvati sink.

These sinks are common for bars, backyard grill stations or outdoor kitchen spaces, and they also work perfectly as a van life sink! I installed a workstation sink in my van build and love how practical it is!

Campervan Sink Ideas

3. RV or marine Fold Down sink

These folding RV sinks are designed specifically for use in recreational vehicles and boats- which means they’re also perfect as a folding van sink. They come in various sizes and shapes and are often made of durable materials such as stainless steel or acrylic.

Highly designed to be space efficient, these sinks usually fold down flat – including the faucet! The downside to these sinks is that they tend not to be very deep, which can make washing dishes by hand more challenging.

Campervan Sink Ideas

4. DIY Van sink

Making a DIY van sink can be a fun and rewarding project, but it requires some basic plumbing and carpentry skills. Here are some general steps to follow:

  1. Choose a sink bowl: You can choose a stainless steel, porcelain, or ceramic sink bowl. You can also repurpose an old sink or use a container such as a bucket or a basin as a sink bowl.
  2. Create a countertop: You can use wood, metal, or any other durable material to create a countertop that fits your sink bowl. Cut the material to size, sand and seal the edges, and attach it to the base. Note: be sure to use food safe sealant, like Polycrylic.
  3. Cut a hole for the sink: Use a jigsaw to cut a hole in the countertop that fits the sink bowl. Make sure the hole is slightly smaller than the sink bowl to prevent it from falling through.
  4. Install the sink bowl: Apply silicone sealant around the rim of the sink bowl and place it into the hole in the countertop. Secure it in place using sink clamps or brackets.
  5. Install the faucet: Install a faucet onto the countertop or the wall behind the sink. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the water lines.
  6. Connect the drain: Connect the drain pipe to the sink bowl and attach it to the plumbing system. Make sure the drain pipe is properly sealed to prevent leaks. My preference is to use this plumbers putty.
  7. Test the system: Turn on the water and check for leaks. Adjust the connections as needed. Be sure to fill the sink with water and let it sit for a few hours to really pressure test your drain connection for potential water leaks.

With a DIY van sink the possibilities are endless. I love the creativity Eric Frantz used on his van sink, which is installed on his van door.

van sink
van sink

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Things To Consider When Selecting a Van Sink

There are a few things you want to think about when deciding on the perfect van sink for your build.

Van Sinks

Over mount vs Under mount

An over mounted sink sits on top of the countertop, whereas an under mounted sink is installed below the countertop surface. There are benefits and challenges to each.

An over mount van sink is easy to install but can collect dirt and grime along the sink edge that meets the countertop. However, an over mount sink is preferable for wood countertops as it keeps the wood dry and in better condition long term. Since many van countertops are made of wood, this is an ideal type of sink in a van.

Van Sinks


Van sinks come in many different materials but the most popular is stainless steal. You’ll want to pick something that is fairly lightweight and can take a lot of vibration without cracking.

Van Sinks


Weight is an important factor in every van build decision. The more your van sink weighs the heavy your van will be, resulting in worse gas mileage. You also want to make sure that your countertop is able to withstand the weight of your van sink.

Van Sinks


Be sure you pick a sink that is large enough to do dishes in. The most important factor here is depth. A deep sink, even if it’s small, is more valuable than a wide but shallow sink.

Van Sinks

Faucet placement

Consider where you plan to mount your faucet and whether this will work with your preferred van sink. Some sinks come with pre-drilled faucet holes, which means you’ll be committed to that layout.

Conclusion – the best van sinks

The best sink for van life is a stainless steal under mount van sink. These are durable, fairly lightweight, and easy to install. The Ruvati workstation van sink is the best option on the market as it’s affordable, and provides additional workspace which optimizes your van kitchen space.

Best Overall Van Sink – Ruvati

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