Lagun Table Review – From A Full Time Van Life Traveler (And some Budget alternatives)

Is a Lagun table worth it? The Lagun table system is a great space-optimizing option for camper vans, but do it’s benefits outweigh it’s price? I love my Lagun Table system and use it daily in my own DIY campervan – to work remotely, have a meal at, or to host game nights with other digital nomad friends. The versatility and functionality outperforms a pedestal table which makes it ideal for anyone living in a small space, like a camper or an RV.

Below is my comprehensive Lagun table review after 3 years of living in a van full-time. Technically, the Lagun system does not include the tabletop. You can add one onto your purchase, or you can build your own! I’ve also included tabletop options in this article.

Lagun Table Review

Any good Lagun table review needs a list of the pros and cons, right? Here’s what I’ve experienced after 3 years on the road with my Lagun table:


✅ Flexible/Versatile (layout, height, multi-location, tabletop size)
✅ No pedestal base
✅ Easy to install
✅ Supports up to 50 lbs
✅ Durable and high quality materials
✅ Easy to use/adjust
✅ Lightweight (<8 lbs)


❌ Expensive
❌ Limited weight rating
❌ Tabletop not included

Lagun Table

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After the initial cost investment I can say that having the Lagun table has made living in 80 square feet much more comfortable. It allows me to easily use the small amount of living space I have for many different purposes (which is the secret to tiny living!)

Lagun Table Review - Yes it's worth it
Working from my van is so much easier with a versatile office setup

Living in a van full time comes with expected compromises, but having usable space to work, eat, journal or play games with friends doesn’t have to be a compromise.

I have two Lagun table mounts – one in the front of my van, attached to the bench seat, and one in the back of my van, attached to the dinette. Having both options adds flexibility and ease to my daily van life because I can move my table top back and forth as needed.

My Lagun table mount in the back of my van

But if I’m being completely transparent with you… I almost never make my dinette up and it stays in bed-mode 95% of the time. Yup, I’m that van lifer.

This is why I love having the front bench setup with my Lagun mount, and where I find myself working a majority of the time.

My Best Tips and Tricks for Using the Lagun Table

+ Install mounting plate at least 3 inches above the floor (so you can move the mounting leg up and down)
+ Order additional mounting plates if you want to use your tabletop in different locations (this way you can use one table and move it around your vehicle as needed)
+ Attach the tabletop mounting plate off-center on the bottom of your Lagun tabletop to give even more versatility to your setup. If your mount is centered on your tabletop then every position will be the same, but if it’s off-centered then you’ll have more positioning options.

What is a Lagun table?

A Lagun table is a versatile system designed for use in marine vehicles. They are also widely used in RV and Van Life.

Full time vanlifer review of Lagun Table system

Lagun table systems are different than most traditional marine or RV tables because they only have one “leg” and can swivel 360° on two different points. Additionally, they can be adjusted up or down, and removed and stored when not in use.

Lagun Table vs Pedestal Table - vanlife review

Does a Lagun Table come with a Tabletop?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can buy pre-made options online or build your own DIY Lagun Tabletop.

If you purchase the Lagun system here you have the option to add a tabletop. Use code “Claire” at checkout to get 5% off your purchase (only applies if you’ve included a tabletop).

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Lagun Tabletop Ideas You Can Buy Online

This folding Lagun tabletop on Etsy is great for saving space when it’s not in use, or when you need less surface space to work on.

lagun table tabletop
Credit: Etsy

However, if you’re looking for a simple tabletop that’s a bit more affordable checkout these fantastic Lagun table options with Featherbuilt.

lagun table tabletop
Credit: Featherbuilt

Lastly, restaurant supplies are another good place to look for inexpensive Lagun tabletop options. These are sold as just the top and you can find many good quality options for under $100. There’s a lot of options so you can pick one that fits your decor!

lagun table tabletop
Credit: webstaurantstore

Build and Install Your Own Lagun Tabletop

Making a DIY Lagun tabletop is a pretty easy project that most beginners can accomplish in just an hour or two and with minimal investment! I used the extra from my countertop to make a tabletop for my Lagun system – it doesn’t fold or do anything fancy but it works great for what I need!

  1. Determine dimensions and size based on your uses and needs. My table is 25 inches x 17 inches and works great for two meal placements or card games. The bigger your table is the harder it will be to maneuver, so be careful with selecting the right size for your space.
  2. Make a template out of cardboard or leftover foam board to test out in your van. Having a cheap template is a great way to try out the size before committing to cutting your tabletop. I had so much leftover foam board from insulating my van so I used that. This is also a great time to experiment with where you’ll attach the Lagun mount (remember – you want it slightly off-centered to give you more options for positioning)
  3. Cut and sand your wood Lagun tabletop. Personally, I think having rounded corners works best in small spaces so you’re not always bashing into sharp corners.
  4. Stain and seal your Lagun tabletop. Consider using non-toxic products if you’ll eat or prep food on this surface. Most of the wood in my van is sealed with Polycrylic – which is food safe.
  5. Attach Lagun table hardware to the bottom of your table top. Remember, attaching the mount slightly off-center will give you greater versatility. My mount is a few inches from center and I would do this again in my next build.
  6. Install Lagun table mount to a vertical surface (like a bench or cabinet). I installed my 2 mounts about 5 inches from the floor which allows me to move the vertical “arm” up and down further. One thing I wish I’d done differently on my bench seat is incorporate a 45 degree angle into the corner instead of a 90 degree angle because it would have given me a more versatile surface to mount the Lagun plate. What I have works decently well, but a 45 degree angled corner would be better – plus it’s one less sharp corner to bruise my legs on.

Best DIY Lagun Tabletop Ideas

The Lagun table does not come with a tabletop, so you’ll either have to buy one, or make your own! There’s no shortage of ideas for a DIY Lagun table, but here are a few popular options to get you started.

Reclaimed wood

Grab a piece of reclaimed wood to repurpose as a beautiful Lagun tabletop. I reused the extra wood from my countertop and love that it matches the rest of the wood in my van.


Plywood gets the job done! I recommend using ½” or thicker. You can decorate it by staining and then sealing it. Remember to use a food-grade sealant if you plan on prepping or eating food on this surface. My tabletop is sealed with Polycrylic because it’s food safe.

Butcher block countertop

This is a great option, especially if you have extra from your countertops.

lagun table tabletop

Repurpose old furniture

There’s a lot you can do with parts from a thrifted end table or nightstand! You could even cut down the top of a dresser.

Marine tabletop

These tend to be pricier but they come with bells and whistles to keep your items from rolling away.

lagun table tabletop

Large cutting board

Go thrifting and repurpose an old wooden cutting board! You can even sand it down and refinish it with a new look.

lagun table tabletop

Lagun Table Alternatives

Not totally sold on a Lagun table? Here are a few ideas for Lagun table alternatives that also provide flexible tabletop space for your camper van:


EZ-Reach Portable Table is very similar to the Lagun table with a slightly lower price tag – about $125 compared to $199. I tested out one of these that’s installed in a friends van and it’s *almost* as good as the Lagun table – but a fraction of the cost! Amazon also sells a comparable item for around $115!

lagun table alternative
Credit: EZ-Reach

DIY Lagun Table

You can make your own version of the Lagun table by using a monitor or TV mount or with an iron pipe. 

lagun table alternative

Folding Wall Table

While this option is less versatile on location (it has to be permanently mounted on a wall), it’s nice to be able to easily fold away when not in use.

lagun table alternative

Lap Desk

Sometimes the simple solutions are the best! These are cheap and easily available online. Plus, a lap desk means you can work from anywhere – even at the beach, in a park, or from your hammock!

lagun table alternative

Table Pedestal

If you have a dinette converting bed set up the pedestal is a good option. Keep in mind that this means you’ll have a mounting point on the floor, which can be annoying when it gets in the way.

lagun table alternative

Tray table / Camping table

Another brilliantly simple solution! Additionally, these folding tables are great for camping or dining al fresco. I have one in my van and it’s great as an outdoor desk space or kitchen prep. Best of all, mine stores away in a small bag when I’m not using it!

lagun table alternative

FAQs – Lagun Table Review

How much weight can a Lagun table mount hold?

The Lagun table mount can hold up to 50 pounds.

Does Lagun table go up and down?

Yes, the Lagun table can be moved up and down by approximately 12 inches.

Do Lagun tables fold down?

No, Lagun tables cannot fold down, but they can be taken off their mount and stored.

How Does The Lagun Table Mount Work?

There are two fixed plates- one attached horizontally under the tabletop and one attached vertically along a hard surface (like a cabinet or a bench). Additionally, there are two other “joints” that connect and allow 360° of motion which gives the system its incredible versatility.

How Long Does It Take To Setup A Lagun Table?

Set up of the system takes less than one minute. There are two arms that connect the tabletop to the mounting bracket and lock into place.

How Big is a Lagun Table? 

The Lagun system does not include a tabletop. Your tabletop can be any size but it’s recommended to keep it within 30”x50” or less due to weight limits (50 lbs max.)

Lagun Table Review Verdict: Is a Lagun table worth it?

Yes! I love my Lagun table and would recommend it to anyone looking to fit a lot of functionality into a tiny space. While it’s slightly more expensive than some of the knock-offs, it’s a better quality product that’ll last a long time (I’ve had mine for 3 years!)

Lagun Table

Use code “Claire” at checkout for 5% off any purchase that includes a tabletop with your mounting system!

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